Solaris and UNIX questions
Order information

Order information
You can now order full access to the question databases for the Solaris and UNIX questions. All orders and payments goes through the Kagi's payment processing system. This page exists only to present some information about what you can order, how to order, and for pricing information.

If you want to go directly to the order page, follow one of these links:
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What products are available ?
Initial access
To get access to the system, you always have to start by ordering "Initial access" to the question database. The fee you pay here includes setting up the account, and giving you the information needed to fully access the system.

You have three options for the initial access:
  • One month of access to all UNIX/Solaris databases
  • Six months of access to all UNIX/Solaris databases
  • 2 days of use, renewable to be a full month of access

You will always be guaranteed at least the time you order, often at least one "bonus" day for each of the options ("one month" = 32 days for a one month account, and 31 days for a six month account). The account will expire automatically when you reach the time limit.

You can renew your access to the question database up to five times, with generous discounts. The two last renewals will cost only a sixth of the initial access cost.

When you have renewed the account five times (after either a half a year of access, or 90 days of use), next time you will have to pay for the initial access again.

The new period will last for one or six months months of use.

A special case exists for the '2 days of use' account type. The first renewal will not be counted as a renewal, since the full fee wasn't paid for the initial access. The '2 days of use' account exists, so you can decide if you want to purchase a full account, and thinks the demo questions are not enough to decide on.

What does it cost to get access ?
The pricing for the services are quite simple:


Initial access, one month of unlimited use$30
Initial access, six months of unlimited use$80
Initial access, 2 days of use$13

Renewal 1: one month of unlimited use, or 15 days of use$20
Renewal 2: one month of unlimited use, or 15 days of use$15
Renewal 3: one month of unlimited use, or 15 days of use$10
Renewal 4: one month of unlimited use, or 15 days of use$5
Renewal 5: one month of unlimited use, or 15 days of use$5
Renewal: six months of unlimited use, or 90 days of use$70

Contact information
If you have any questions about the quiz system, the access to the databases, or the ordering system, just drop a mail to me at

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