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So, what's so special about Quizzer ?

The things that are really unique for my system, is that it is very configurable, and can handle almost any number and types of questions very efficient.

Here are the main features of my Quiz system:

  • Very configurable
  • Easy to configure/set up
  • Intelligent auto configuration
  • Fast random question selection engine (optimized by a factor up to 10000 in Jan-2000)
  • Intuitive
Almost Unlimited:
  • Question databases
  • Questions (only possible to select around 30000 questions of the total)
  • Answers (up to 26 answers to choose between in each question)
  • Correct answers (up to as many as the alternatives allows)
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Quizzer and its documentation is Copyright 1999, 2000 by P-O Yliniemi