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What is Quizzer ?
Quizzer is a compact, fast, intuitive and very configurable CGI based Quiz system with a lot of unique features. It was written for my own needs to test my knowledge about the Solaris operating system prior to taking the Sys Admin I exam.

Why another Quiz system ?
It was written simply because there was no system to match my requirements available on the net (not even a publically useable demo version of the system I needed).

The only thing I really needed for the quiz system I was looking for was a system that displayed one question at a time, had unlimited (or at least up to five) answer alternatives, of which up to all of them could be a part of the correct answer. I also needed some kind of summary report for the score of the test, and an option to check through the incorrect answered questions.

I could not find any such system available on the net, not even a system with example questions for those could be interested into buying a licence to use that system.

So, I wrote it :)

Quizzer and its documentation is Copyright 1999, 2000 by P-O Yliniemi