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File locations and directory structure
Almost all files may be placed at your configurable location, with the exception of the CGI script, its include file ( and its main configuration.

The default locations for all files and directories are inside the same directory that 'quiz.cgi' are located:
quiz.cgi                     the quiz script                   needed include file                    the main configuration file
quiz_access_log              access log created by the script
sessions                     user sessions in progress are stored here
questions                    base directory for autoconfig of database
                             selection screen
questions/sa-135             sample database (not distributed)
questions/sa-135/   configuration for the question database
questions/sa-135/1           question 1
questions/sa-135/2           question 2 (as many as you wish)
                             It is also possible to have a single file that
                             contains all questions (see "Step 5")
images/marked.gif            image for marked items on review screen
images/incomplete.gif        image for unanswered questions on review screen

In the example structure above, the question database are within the same directory as the script, and the questions are located inside the sub directories inside the database directory.

If you, for some reason, wish to keep the questions separate from the database directory, you'll have to have a copy of the configuration for the question database in the same directory as the questions.

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