Screens (Part 2)

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Picture 3:
This picture shows how the questions will be presented to the user. The first example is a "normal" (correctly answered) question, with a question type hint shown above the question.

Question 1 of 5.
Answered correctly.

Picture 4:
This shows the function of the "Show Answer" button. When pressed once, the correct answer will be highlited, and the "Show Answer" button will turn into an "Hide Answer" button. This question is left unanswered and marked for later review.

Question 2 of 5.
The "Show Answer" button has been pressed, question is unanswered
and marked for later review.

Picture 5:
This picture shows a question with the answer highlited, and also the answer discussion, to clarify why the highlited answer is the right one. This question is intentionally answered incorrect, so there will be something to show in the "Error review" screens.

Question 3 of 5.
Shows how the answer comment will be presented. Intentionally answered
incorrect for later "Error review"

Picture 6:
This screen shows a question left unanswered (to demonstrate the review screen later).

Question 4 of 5.
Unanswered question

Picture 7:
This shows another marked question, but this time with the correct answer selected by the user.

Question 5 of 5.
Correct answered question, but marked for later review.

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